Live High

Live High Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan South Korea

Live high Live mighty Live righteously

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Be Present

All We Have Is Now -

If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in? Slow down and enjoy the moment you’re in and live your life to the fullest. Nanette Mathews

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Hello N Seoul Tower!

If I had any aspirations to be a travel blogger, I should be appalled by how late my updates are! But I’ve told myself to not let the 3,000 photos on my hard drive languish so here I am with a Seoul post. Probably the most iconic infrastructure in Seoul, I didn’t enjoy the first […]

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My Ten Travel Quirks

There’s something about travelling that brings out more quirks in me. It’s as if I am not weird enough, but when I’m going off somewhere my little odd preferences show up one by one. It got me thinking whether other people also had travel quirks. Here are some of mine that I can think of […]

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