Be Focused

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June is around the corner with that we’re halfway through 2017.

Looking back on the past six months, I can confidently say that I am proud of what I have achieved. As I tackled different challenges that forced me out of my comfort zone, my comfort zone became bigger. My life expanded in different directions all at once and it was thrilling. But being busy does not equate to progress. If I look at what I have achieved in the context of fulfilling my dreams, then I have not done much.

Which brings me to the topic of Focus. I know that if I want to end this year on a high note I must focus on my goals more than ever. Here are the three things that help me to remain focused for the next half of 2017:

Remind yourself why you started

Purpose fills life with meaning. Our life carries a story with a message, and it is easy for that message to drown in the thousands of voices clamoring for our attention. Remind yourself about your “why”. This will help you make better decisions on how to spend your time, money and energy. This will de-clutter your planner, your home and your mind.

It’s in the Every Day

What you do every day matters more than what you do occasionally. Practice makes perfect. The results may seem slow but by building on your dreams day in and day out but it will make a difference in where you’ll find yourself a year from now.

Reward even the littlest victories

Going for your dreams may sometimes feel like either a marathon or an uphill climb. It doesn’t have to be painful all the time. Celebrate your successes no matter how trivial it may seem. Reward yourself for even the littlest victories. This will give you a lift and fuel your determination to make it to the finish line.

I hope this short post helped you in a way that is helping me with my own goals. We only have one life to live, let’s tell the world our story of success!

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