Steadfast Stars



Steadfast Stars Brush Calligraphy - Hello WanderlingsConfession: I am by nature a people pleaser. I want people to like me and love being with me.

But sometimes priorities and values change. The growing distance between two hearts whether geographical or emotional causes affection to wane.


I revisit the good old days in my mind, and I mourn for what was.
But as I have been going through all sorts of things this past week. I am touched by the “Steadfast Stars” in my life. They shine brightly against the darkness.

I have been so affected by who I have lost in the heat of the morning that I didn’t realise that I have an ocean of stars at night.

I wrote this down tonight. Tired, feeling sick and stressed, but I thank God that I have you guys in my life. And I am grateful that I realised it sooner rather than later. Thank you for your love and encouragement. For reaching out to me, for being a star in my life.


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