Be Bold and Brave in Your Heart

Be Bold and Brave in Your Heart

I wrote this phrase four months ago.

Four months ago, I had been unemployed. I had been unemployed for awhile before that. Bills were mounting and a lot of not-so-good things were happening to me and to my loved ones. Rejection after rejection chipped away at my confidence. Self-pity and doubt started to creep in through my optimism.


May seem banal, but the alternative – to be paralyzed by fear – is worse. Being bold and brave means believing that no matter how hopeless the situation is, Iย choose not to let fear take a hold of me. I choose to believe that my best days are still ahead. I choose to step out again and again even in the face of closed doors. There were countless times I had to encourage myself that I will find my own place. There were no missed opportunities, just places where I wasn’t needed.

I kept believing. I kept praying. That I will find a place where I belong. Where my talents and gifts would be welcomed and improved.

Until the day when I stepped into an office where I felt everything was “just right”. Today, I am doing work that challenges me and gives me a sense of fulfillment. I work with brilliant and warm people. I am learning new things and learning more about myself.

Even if I have found my place, every single day I still tell myself to “Be Bold and Brave in your heart”. To always have a fearless attitude in spite of current circumstances.

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