You Gotta Swim

You Gotta Swim - Brush Calligraphy by Elle @Hello Wanderlings - Rubber Duck

You’ve gotta swim Swim for your life Swim for the music That saves you When you’re not so sure you’ll survive You gotta swim And swim when it hurts The whole world is watching You haven’t come this far To fall off the earth The currents will pull you Away from your love Just keep […]

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Be Bold and Brave in Your Heart

I wrote this phrase four months ago. Four months ago, I had been unemployed. I had been unemployed for awhile before that. Bills were mounting and a lot of not-so-good things were happening to me and to my loved ones. Rejection after rejection chipped away at my confidence. Self-pity and doubt started to creep in […]

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Two Cures for Love

Two Cures for Love by Wendy Cope | Brush Lettering by Elle

Happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and am thankful for the handful of people who have visited my tiny blog. So many things have happened and yet, I am still in the same place. I wanted to share my different experiences since I’ve last posted I attended a few workshops but every time […]

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