Book Feels: This Raging Light, Estelle Laure

This Raging Light, By Estelle Laure


I’m still alive. This past few months was all about me transitioning that I have neglected my blog and current project. But that doesn’t stop me from reading and practicing lettering.

I rarely read fiction these days and it’s even rare for me to pick up a YA novel. But I am one of those who judge a book by its cover and This Raging Light has a gorgeous cover, the color scheme is one that I almost always use to cheer myself up so I began reading the Lucille’s story.

As with my previous Book Feels post on Me Before You, I will focus only on the good things – the writing is beautiful. I was drawn by the words more than the story, if that makes any sense. I liked how the words just glided through the pages I didn’t have a hard time concentrating and neither did I skim through the pages. The story is as a reviewer wrote – one hot mess – I do agree, but then I wasn’t put off by it because in real life we also tend to juggle a lot of things. I also liked Lucille’s best friend Eden. I wish I had a friend who could recite quotes relevant to my circumstances.

Although the story left a lot of loose ends (and more questions instead of answers) I did not feel like I was cheated instead I felt that I was part of her life for a moment. Just someone passing by. I’ve read that there might be a second book coming out and if it’s that true I wish it will be from Eden’s perspective, because she was more interesting to me.

There are a lot of quotes I could have chosen from the book, but at the time I was reading it, the quote above really spoke to me. Fight for the truths in your heart.

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