Daiso Brush Pens for Lettering

Daiso Brush Pens for Lettering

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I just want to share a quick post on the three brush pens that I bought from Daiso. Instagram is full of super talented people with amazing tools like the ubiquitous Tombow brushes which I have been coveting but since they are more expensive I am holding off buying them. Daiso is heaven-sent for budget friendly practice brush pens for letterers like me as I can get them for $2 each.

Daiso Brush Pens for Lettering
DAISO Pocket Brush Pen (Top), ZEBRA Disposable Brush Pen – Fine (Middle) and DAISO MEDIUM POINT 2.3 mm Brush Pen (Bottom)

These are the three brushes that I am practicing with. The Pocket Brush Pen is my favourite so far as it gives me the effect that I want in my brush lettering. The Zebra brush pen is a little bit tricky for me to use since I don’t usually go for the dry brush effect – I have a Muji brush pen that I like to use for that. The Medium Point brush pen is the brush I use if I want broader downstrokes.

Daiso Brush Pens Style

This is my comparison for the three cheap yet efficient brush pens for lettering practice. Working with different kind of pens forces me to learn how to use them comfortably and achieve the look that I want. And all for a relatively cheaper price! I would love to know what kind of brush pens you use in your brush lettering. Leave your thoughts and questions below!

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