Week Two: 100 Days Of Haiku

The 100 Day Project: Secret Songs 100 Day Haiku Week Two

It’s still the honeymoon phase for The 100 Day Project for me. I have days where I the words just flow without coaxing, and then there are days where no matter how much I try I can’t come up with something that I think is nice enough to share. But I try not to let the fear of “what would people say” stop me. It took me a great deal of courage to post my poems because my friends and family “know” me a certain way. Writing poems was not part of my image. I think my Instagram followers are also confused and my Haiku posts don’t get as much likes. But my goal for this year is to live creatively as much as I can, rather than be concerned about what other people think, I focus on how I can live up to my goals.

I think I am learning how to embrace the process and not just the product. Just showing up at my writing desk every day, my poetry journal laid bare and my pencil floating on top of the page. I am also learning how to tap memories for inspiration. Growing up in cities it’s not easy for me to follow the nature theme of the Haiku. I try to use elements from nature when I can but if I can’t then I just flow with my memory.

I’ve also experimented with a new format which you will notice in a little while. If you missed Week One you can read it here. Read on for Haikus I wrote for  Week Two !

OCHO: Feed Me All Your Lies 100 Day Haiku Challenge


In a dysfunctional relationship, it’s better to ingest lies however toxic they are because you want so desperately to hold on. This is what you’re used to and what you believe you deserve.

Dare to question your beliefs. Dare to question your reality.

NUEVE: Once I Told the Sea I Loved Her 100 Day Haiku Challenge


When I was a child I had my first glimpse of the sea, the fishermen warned me that the Sea was fickle. She was greedy and tempestuous. In a moment, she can be calm but she can suddenly turn traitorous. This haiku is inspired by that.

DIEZ: Winter Wants to Stay 100 Day Haiku Challenge


Winter’s full of mischief. Unwilling to make way for spring, he disrupts the order of things by tricking the trees into thinking that it’s still deep in Winter, not letting the new buds grow for Spring.

ONCE: Make the Stars Envious 100 Day Haiku Challenge


For this haiku I was thinking of how the Stars were envious of Fireflies because they carried their own light wherever they go, they’re free to fly. While stars need are stationary, shining brightly in place, I don’t know I guess maybe they get bored sometimes?

DOCE: You Don't Have A Heart 100 Day Haiku Challenge


Sometimes it gets embarrassing to validate our feelings. I was once accused of being too emotional, and because I admired that person a whole lot, I began to think that feeling too much was bad.Since it hurt to feel too much  I believed that the only way I can not hurt was to not feel. I thought that I can never be strong because I am so easily swept by emotions.

But you know what? It’s sad because as I’ve learned to “manage” my emotions I became a vacuum. The saddest part? Since I became a vacuum, the only feelings I had left are the strong negative emotions of the past. It was the only thing that could fill the vacuum because those hurts stayed. I became hollow and hardened, and this is what this haiku is all about.

If you’re like me before where you felt your emotions are getting in the way of your life. That you feel too much and it’s scary, don’t ignore those emotions. Instead of getting rid of them by pretending they don’t exist, embrace them, acknowledge you feel that way but also tell yourself, “I will not continue to let myself suffer because of what I’m feeling”. The more you replay those negative feelings in your mind, the more they have power over you. If you give them power, then it means you’re still willing to suffer. You’re just punishing yourself.

Don’t do that, or else one day you might wake up, hardened and hollow on the inside.

TRESE: Vesuvius Sleeps 100 Day Haiku Challenge


I think this poem by far means so much to me.

Sometimes people who love intensely get so misunderstood. They love so fiercely it consumes them and it scares the people they love.  They love so much they’re too much to handle.

It’s not the obsessive kind of love but the sacrificial brand of loving that they possess that is scary. Loving intensely can ruin the receiver of one’s love.  Ultimately, they get disappointed or worse rejected. It comes to a point where to preserve oneself, they have to bury their passions. The very thing that gives them life.While thinking about this an image came into

While thinking about this an image came into mind of a volcano, when a volcano erupts we usually equate it with wrath or retribution, but what if after a long time the volcano just wants to express affection?

But how could she know that her love would be so destructive?

CATORCE: Face The Weary Moon Haiku


The image that came to me while writing this is about Someone who’s stuck in an endless night with nothing but the Moon for company. The Moon as the only witness to the disappointments and tears becomes weary of it all, and soon even she is withholding her reflected light.

But there’s still hope because Someone is still facing forward. Someone still waits for that ray of light. So even if the tone is sombre and a bit depressing, in a few words there’s still hope and faith left.


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