Mother’s Day DIY Project

Quick and easy with a heart. That is my DIY motto. Being time-pressed does that to you. So for this year’s Mother’s Day DIY present, I worked with what I already had and made something very colorful and floral looking up tutorials on Youtube.

The first thing I did was make a “bouquet” of Origami Tulip flowers because my Mom likes Tulips a lot. I searched for Easy Origami Tulip and followed Jo Nakashima’s tutorial. I used the checked pattern Origami paper that I bought from Daiso (Amazon Affiliate link Here). The instructions were easy to follow and after two pieces, I could fold them without referring to the video.

The origami Tulips were just the set-up, what I really wanted to do was to create a framed Bible verse brush calligraphy with a wild floral border. I use my “imaginary blooms” technique and not refer to any flower drawing – which means every time I paint flowers I just wing it! I just decide on a color theme and paint wildly from my imagination.

Mother's Day DIY Project Garden Brush Calligraphy

I chose Proverb’s 31:25 for my Mom because that’s my prayer for her. My mother My parents are the strongest, bravest and loving people I know. I am so grateful that my Mom pushed me to go out of my comfort zone when I was young. Because of the strict way she raised us and pushed us to value education and creativity I became who I am today. I am also so grateful that she has always been supportive of me and I’ve never felt pressured to be who I’m not.

I arranged the Tulips and the framed Bible verse at her vanity table so that it was the first thing she saw when she came home from her night shift work. I was so happy at her response because she now moved the whole thing to the living room – which is a level up from the fridge door artwork display from yesteryears.

These are the materials and supplies I used for the projects:

  1. Checked Origami Paper
  2. Zebra Brush Pen
  3. Daler-Rowney Aquafine Brush – Round 3
  4. Sakura Watercolors Field Sketch Set with Brush (24 Colors)
  5. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Wild Rose Radiant Watercolor
  6. Canson Watercolor Paper
  7. Ikea Ribba Frame (White)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Please share with me any Mother’s Day DIY project that you’ve done for your Mom and send me the link to it as well. I would love to see how it turned out!

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