Hello N Seoul Tower!

If I had any aspirations to be a travel blogger, I should be appalled by how late my updates are! But I’ve told myself to not let the 3,000 photos on my hard drive languish so here I am with a Seoul post.

Probably the most iconic infrastructure in Seoul, I didn’t enjoy the first time I went to N Seoul Tower. Maybe because it was the weekend but it felt like the whole of Seoul decided to go there. The queues were so long  it took us almost three hours before we could even ride the cable car going to the tower and another hour to go up the observatory. Or maybe it was the group of rowdy and obviously drunk tourists that always seemed to be where we were, whatever the case was, my first time was a nightmare.

N Seoul Tower Entrance

But I believe in second chances, and I went to N Seoul Tower again. This time on a Thursday morning. Like the first time I went there, I took the cable car ride up to the tower. The view going up is so breathtaking especially during Autumn because of the splash of reds and oranges of the leaves. I prefer the breathtaking view from the cable car ride than the out of breath option of walking up to N Seoul Tower!

Love Lock N Seoul Tower South Korea

It was a lovely morning when we arrived at the base of the tower, there were a lot of people outside just taking in the fresh air. We walked around taking pictures of the lovely autumn foliage and we didn’t miss the hundreds if not thousands of “locks of love” . I was drawn to a lock of chronicling a Mother-Daughter trip, something I wish to have with my Mum.

N Seoul Tower Singapore View

We went up the observatory and again I was relieved that the view wasn’t hazy like the last time I went there. So I guess what you can take away from this post is to DON’T VISIT N SEOUL TOWER ON WEEKENDS/AFTERNOONS and CHECK FOR VISIBILITY FORECASTS if possible. There’s really nothing much to see at the observatory but I do find it relaxing to just stare out into the city, because traveling is really a big deal for me! I am a homebody by nature and as long as there’s wifi it’s hard for me to leave the house. Being in another city disrupts my comfort zone but I tend to be laidback traveling than when I’m at home.

World's Highest Post Box N Seoul Tower

There are times when I do not shy away from doing touristy things. Since I do not have a Significant Other for the Locks of Love, I decided to send a postcard to myself. Yes, I did send a postcard to myself at the “Highest Post Office” (but really isn’t it just a post box) in the world at 777 feet.Postcard to Myself N Seoul Tower

You can buy the postcard from the souvenir shop. I think I bought the postcard for $2 and it already included a stamp. But you have to check for the postage rates for the country you want to send to, I had to buy a 20 cent stamp to make sure my postcard reaches Singapore!

I wrote on the postcard like how I would write on my diary. I wrote the date, the weather and where I was. I also added in a few observations and then used one of the self-inking stamps to add a cute design. It was a nice way to preserve the memory of N Seoul Tower.

hello mail

Of course I arrived in Singapore earlier than the postcard! In fact I forgot all about it until it came two weeks later! By then I was already over my missing Seoul phase but the postcard came and I was back to missing Seoul again.

I do want to go back again to N Seoul Tower because I want to experience night dining at the restaurant located there. I think the view will just be stunning!


N Seoul Tower Info

*Information and prices are correct as of posting, check this link from KTO for any updated information.

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