The 100 Day Project: Secret Songs Haiku

Happy Friday friends! I’ve recently been thinking about launching a creative project that allows me to:

  1. Create every day. It should be easy enough and small in scale that I can comfortably do it every day.
  2. Share it across multiple channels. With lettering, I can only effectively share it in my Instagram, on the other hand my DIY and travel posts get more love here on the blog. I’ve also started a Wattpad account. Then there’s the rest of my web presence: Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter. I wanted something that I can easily share everywhere.
  3. Develop my writing skills. I used to love writing, but as time wore on I became too busy or too distracted to write anything. I wanted to go back to writing but I need it in bite sized pieces.

Enter The 100 Day Project, a movement initiated by Elle Luna over at The Great Discontent for people to commit to creating one thing every day for 100 days. Now, I’ve seen a lot of The 100 Day Projects over at Instagram but I just felt like with my hobby of lettering I would give up not even at the halfway mark since my lettering skills are on the beginner level.

I stumbled on Courtney Symons post over at The Lighthouse on writing a haiku for 100 days and something just clicked in my head.A haiku is short enough for me to write everyday and the form is challenging enough that I won’t get bored. I can also share the haikus on Instagram (#100daysofsecretsongs), and make a “book” out of it on Wattpad. Oh if you’re interested in checking out the Wattpad version of the project you can click here or on the book cover above.


The theme I’ve decided on is all about secrets, the title of the book on Wattpad is Secret Songs. I’ve posted the cover above which I made using Canva. I am using the Notegraphy which is available on the web or mobile app. I like how they have a variety of styles to choose from and I’m sure I won’t exhaust them by the last poem.

I am half-excited and half-worried about starting this project since I know myself to quit halfway but I guess this is why I wanted a very public project. So that people (including you dear friend reading this) will remind me that I need to show up and write! One poem down and *gulp* 99 more to go!

Have a great weekend!


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