The Cities Edition: Quick Typography City Print


Today I was wondering if I can come up with a simple DIY to decorate my room. Inspired by a Korean drama I am currently watching, one of the secondary characters had a print of Brooklyn and New York in his kitchen. For my room, I made these city prints of San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris! I printed it out in postcard size first because I realised I didn’t have the right size of frames at home. I like how it turned out in the end because it’s super easy and didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to do.


The first step was to go to UNSPLASH and look for black and white images of cities. I chose the iconic structures like the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Big Ben and Eiffel Tower. I was hoping to find nice pictures for Asian cities but I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures. It doesn’t matter if the picture is not in Black and White since I was using Photoshop to edit the pictures. I made sure that I converted the image to black before I proceeded to the next step.


I wanted to use a dry brush effect font and found EDO SZ by Vic Fieger. Then I decided to go with neon colours for the type to contrast with the city landscape images. I then played around with adding drop shadow effects to the letters and with the composition. Among the four I like the NEW YORK print the best because it’s so simple yet still beautiful.

Dry Brush Calligraphy Cities.png


The last step is to print it out, I used matte photo paper for this project since it’s just a sample and not the real deal. I printed all four of them onto a single piece of A4 paper after that I used my X-Acto knife to cut and trim them to size. Et voila! My own unique typographic prints in under 30 minutes!

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