First Time Trying Out Rainbow Scratch Sheets

20160401_173052 copy

If there is a single thing that would sum up my memories of kindergarten it will be crayons. The popular (if not the only) brand at that time was the Crayola crayons. The teachers had different ways to utilise the relatively cheap medium. Aside from the obvious activities of drawing or coloring we made abstract art by melting down crayons using a spoon and the flame of the candle.

One of the fascinating things we did with crayons was to fill the paper with stripes of different colors. We had to make sure that the stripes were the right thickness before we moved on to the next step. Which was to cover the entire sheet with the black crayon. Many a black crayon was reduced to a stub because of this exercise. Once the paper was covered in black, we would take a toothpick to draw the rudimentary tree or stick figure person.

Nowadays, there’s a premade rainbow scratch paper so we can dive into creating scratchboard etchings immediately. This week I happened to pass by Daiso and me being me I haven’t met a Daiso I didn’t like so I went it. While browsing along the aisles I saw these rainbow scratch paper sheets and decided to give them a try. For $2 they give you 2 sheets which amounts to one sheet to a dollar so I told myself to make every scratch count. 🙂


The sheets come with a red plastic stylus to scratch out a drawing. I first tried the quote above and I noticed that the black coating is really very fragile. My nail barely scraped the surface and it created a scratch 😦 . So you have to be very, very careful of your nails and oh, it also absorbs oil from your hands, I saw print marks from where I had to keep the paper in place. Again 😦 .20160401_174040

It was fun trying to guess what color would be revealed while I was scratching this quote. As you can see over at the “k” my nail scraped above the small loop and now it looks like there’s a hairline right there. Creating curves was a little bit tricky and I had to blow off the bits and pieces of black coating that remind after scratching.

All in all it was a fun experience to play with something that reminded me so much of my childhood. I have been thinking of creating my own scratch sheet because I want to customise the colors I want underneath the black layer. Oh well, till next time!


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