First Time: Creating A GIF From My Hand Lettering


oh hi gif main.jpg

I’ve been subscribed to Skillshare for more than two years enrolling myself in different classes to expand my knowledge and well ahem skills. But I’ve never really gotten beyond watching into the realm of creating. But this time when I chanced upon the class by Mete Erdogan a designer and art director at Saatchi NY I took out my pen and paper and started a simple sketch.

In his class called “OMG! Reaction GIFs: Illustrate Your Own and Share with Friends!” (quite a mouthful right?) he teaches how you can make your own gifs. I was just looking for lessons or resources on how to do exactly that and I am glad I managed to catch wind of it on Twitter.

The class has a total of 9 videos running on 28 minutes and I believe you can create a gif in that span of time as well. His instructions are clear, very practical and easy to follow. You can’t mess up.


So for the reaction I chose “Oh Hi!” since it was the simplest lettering I could do at the moment. I didn’t want to create something complex because I wanted to learn the basic procedures first. If I chose a longer text or decided to be fancy with my lettering I wouldn’t have gone past the first step of sketching! And you can see how quick I was doing this since almost everything is haphazardly done. Instead of scanning this from my printer I just taped it on a white wall with washi tape and took a photo with my phone. I sent it to my Google Drive and downloaded it on my laptop to clean up in Photoshop.

When it came to Photoshop the steps were so easy breezy I could follow by just listening to his voice while I was working on my own piece. And here is my first effort, done in just half an hour! It’s so simple enough that I can safely call it a success!


If you want to know how to make your own gifs, here’s the link to his Skillshare class! I have invites left to enjoy THREE MONTHS OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for USD 0.99, you can drop me an email or comment here with your email so I can send it to you.


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