Learn How You Can Create the Galaxy Effect Using Watercolors

The galaxy theme trend might have been around for a few years now and might be out the door, but it’s one of the themes that I want to master. So I attempted to create a galaxy effect piece today, my first attempt was so bad, I didn’t even take a picture. My second try was a tad better but I think it ended up looking like it was in between the border of “psychedelic” and “dirty”. IMG_20160328_225024

I also made twoย postcards with an abstract theme since I had leftover paint. I am selling them over at my Carousell at a super low price.


I want to try achieving a galaxy effect look again and see if I can improve. Searching through my trusty friend Google I have five links and two videos to help me with my practice. I’ve listed them below if you’re interested in learning more about creating this effect as well.


ABSTRACT NEBULA IN THE GALAXYย byย Leonardo Pereznieto. This is a very detailed post with a comprehensive list of materials used.

DIY GALAXY ART by Jess Marie. This uses masking fluid to create stars instead of the brush tapping method.

GALAXY WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUE by Kacey Kimmel. Salt and bleach are used to create the stars.

GALAXY EFFECT WATERCOLOR ART TUTORIAL by Gaby Friedman. Once you feel confident enough with the techniques you can turn it up a notch with this art tutorial. This time this tutorial uses isopropyl alcohol to get a deeper texture for the galaxy effect.

GALAXY TECHNIQUE TUTORIAL by Tiffany Zajas. If you’re interested in incorporating the galaxy effect in your Bible journal then this post is definitely for you.


Ana Victoriana’s Galaxy Effect Tutorial. I really love her work, it’s just so colorful and pretty. She’s like my Watercolor Girl Crush. She filmed these videos a few years ago but I still find it the most helpful.

Hope that this post helps you as it will definitely help me. Have a good week ahead!


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