Freebie Friday: Amor Fati

hellowanderlings freebie friday

Hello Friends!

It’s the Easter Weekend! Hope everyone will have a meaningful and reflective weekend.

This past week I’ve been doing a few brush lettering pieces and decided to share one of the nicest piece that I can come up with. “Amor Fati” according to a quick Wikipedia search might be loosely translated as “love of one’s fate” or to this article  a “love of what happens”. Embracing everything that’s going to happen in you and around you. Because every event, even if it doesn’t make sense in your “Grand Scheme of Things” is meant to happen to you – even necessary to you. I just think that we are defined by so many moments in our life and usually we only realise the impact of a split second after it happens.

I made two versions of this Amor Fati phone wallpaper. What I’m most proud of this piece is that the original brush lettered piece did not need a lot of edits. My previous works had gone through a lot of revisions so this piece is one of the quickest I’ve done.

amor fati blue download copyamor fati red download copy



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