Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way


What I like about joining ย Lettering Instagram challenges is that I can explore different hand lettering styles and learn how to use Photoshop at the same time. It’s amazing to me that one moment I am sketching things on paper and after a few hours of playing with Photoshop it can become something as colourful as above.

I really suck at using a ruler so all of my lettering has all the while been done freehand. I don’t call it laziness I call it giving my letters “character”. It’s a lame excuse I know but sooner or later I will have to learn how to make rulers my best friend if I want to improve my lettering.

This piece is from the #letteritmarch challenge, and I absolutely adore the challenge because it not only makes me think about what kind of lettering I should do but it also sparks my mind about the meaning behind the phrases.

We can look back at the past either because we have regrets or we have glories. For me I think it’s easier to turn away from the past because of regrets because moving forward I know I can and must do better. But it’s harder not to look back on past glories. It’s easier to be still and force myself to stay in the past where everything was comfortable and everything was safe.

I know there are still challenges along the way and with those challenges come either defeat or hopefully victories. Self-doubt creeps up on me, what if I won’t be able to succeed? What if I don’t have a second wind? The past me seemed to be more confident and more in control. But the past is the past and all I have is the present. Without goals and dreams I think I would have gladly stayed reminiscing in the glories of the past. I waste my time by doing that because I won’t grow closer to what I want to achieve in my life. So this year, I will not look back wistfully at the past, I will be grateful that the past has made me who I am today. But I will also be moving forward, one slow step at a time towards fulfilling my life’s dreams.


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