I was the type of student who’ll take meticulous notes on a subject. My study notes were written on looseleaf binder paper with color coded writing ย for headings and important terms. I had highlighters and pens in every possible color combination of the rainbow and metallics too. But no matter how nice my arsenal of writing implements were, my penmanship was quite bad. It was legible but I always had crooked and uneven writing if I did not use lined paper. Which would be fine but I did not like the look of lined paper, I wanted my notes to have a “clean” look. So I would try handwriting drills despite the fact that I forget to breathe when I’m writing. I would also get impatient and quit after five minutes blaming hand cramps. But I did persist and my notes began to look achieve what I wanted.

Fast forward to this year, after working for so many years and using a keyboard or screen to do the “writing” for me, my handwriting is back to being wobbly. If my letters had a personality they would look nervous…jittery type of people, leaning precariously on one side. Of course, I decided that this wouldn’t do, I would be one of the few people who would advocate for the preservation of handwriting especially cursive writing. It amazes me how most of the students growing up these days do not know how to write in cursive. Whenever I am with my younger friends they would marvel at my hurried cursive writing even praising it when it just looks like chicken scratch to me.

But I was wrong, I wasn’t one of the few who would like to rock my handwriting. Just ask Instagram, #rockyourhandwriting has 11,693 posts at the time I’m writing this. I joined the March challenge to motivate myself to write by hand again and showcase my (slow) improvement. The first week was quite fun, and I am so happy that I stuck through for the first week. I rarely join Instagram challenges because I sometimes drop out not even halfway. I am excited that I pulled through for the first week and am posting regularly on Instagram as well. I am posting a weekly roundup on this blog to track my progress.

I can’t wait to finish an Instagram challenge! I joined two other challenges and you can check out my Instagram for my daily updates. I hope you drop by and say hello!



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