Make Today So Awesome Yesterday Gets Jealous

MAKE TODAY AWESOME (2016). Brush Hand Lettering, Chinese ink and watercolor

Oh Monday, you have been wronged. Theย population – majority of whom are students and employees look toward you with dread and when you arrive they burrow in their beds until the last possible minute. When they do stagger out of their slumber they have to drag their feet to begin the day. They call it the Monday Blues.

Sunday was always fun. Sunday is known as fun day, family day, netflix day, BBQ day…everything that was exciting happened on a Sunday. But Monday, was not fun, no fun at all.

But Monday for me has always been a fresh start. The weekend wiped the slate clean from the struggles, disappointments and failures of last week. Monday means you are a better version of yourself because you’ve conquered and learned from the lessons of last week.

Why can’t Monday be fun? After a long day at work or school maybe we should reward ourselves for starting the week well? Do something special only on Mondays! Why can’t cafes offer special Monday Pick Me Up drinks?

My Monday has been spent working on a few side projects and watching my favourite movie for the thousandth time (it’s the 2007 Persuasion movie, but 1995 comes a really close second) that I think Sunday will be jealous!

Whatever the day, as long as it is today I want to make it better than yesterday. Time is so short to live wasting time right?


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