Seoul Good: A Jjajangmyeon Party

Tired, cold and hungry. Three words that best described our Saturday. Instead of spending the day in Suwon, because of the heavy rain we had no choice but to visit malls and just window shop. I have to admit it was disappointing to have RAIN in six out of our eight day trip in Seoul. I really wanted to visit a lot of sights, but the cold and heavy rain just did not make it possible for us.

Dropped by SM Town to buy Kpop merchandise for my friend

After wandering around COEX near Samseong Station and Lotte Young Plaza via Myeongdong Station we were getting (just a little) tired of retail outlets. It was really disappointing because we couldn’t do anything else but shop around. Although yes retail therapy is one of the joys of traveling we have been shopping around for fairly a bit and we needed a change of pace. I honestly felt sorry that our day was going to waste, although I achieved a lot by clearing some of the stuff I needed to buy for friends.

We arrived at our apartment in Anguk fairly early, around 7 pm. We bought cup ramyeon and kimchi to eat for dinner as we felt we did not have any appetite for anything else. As we were clearing and organising our loot from shopping, Joey asked if we could eat Jjajangmyeon  (짜장면) for dinner instead. Yes, jjajangmyeon the noodles in black bean sauce present in dramas and variety shows. I’ve seen a lot of jjajangmyeon deliveries on Korean variety shows usually they order it after rehearsals. They make it look so appetizing especially when they shake the bowl and break off the chopsticks.

I thought it was a good idea as it was raining and noodles and hot broth were what we needed. I sent a message to Sunny our landlady asking her where to get jjajangmyeon and she was nice enough to order for us. Since we were not that hungry I asked her to just order a single serving of the jjajangmyeon, jjampong (짬뽕) a type spicy seafood soup and also some sweet and sour pork called tangsuyuk (탕수육). A few minutes later the delivery person came and this is what we got all for KRW 27,000:

Clockwise from Left: Free dumplings, Jjampong, Pickled Radish and onions as side dishes; Jjajangmyeon and Tangsuyuk

There were just two of us and we had a hard time trying to finish everything. The Tangsuyuk was ENORMOUS, we didn’t even manage to eat half or maybe because we were not that hungry. It was my first time tasting the jjajangmyeon and it was sooo good. The sauce was savoury and not too overpowering and the noodles were just tender and not soggy.


As for the Jjampong, I just took three or four sips and surrendered. My tolerance for spicy things is not that high and the jjampong was really spicy. I had to curb the burning sensation in my mouth by drinking this Watermelon Milk (!) that I picked up from GS25. I am not sure if Singapore has this kind of Watermelon Milk but it was so good.

It was such a shame that we didn’t get to finish everything but we did finish the jjajangmyeon. Despite the weather putting a damper on our sightseeing my friend and I agreed that for this trip we were able to eat all the cravings and must try dishes on our list! I will update the blog with more posts on the food we ate and the places we visited in Seoul. Till next time!


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