Finetec Pearl Colours, Big Thank You to Lindsey!


A month ago my mum was staying at the hospital and I was looking after her. There’s nothing much by way of entertaining one’s self in the hospital and I was really feeling worried most of the time so I would just read blogs and scroll through my Instagram feed to make me feel better. That’s when I chanced upon the Finetec Pearl Watercolour giveaway hosted by the super creative Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock. If you’re interested in calligraphy you really have to check out her blog which is full to bursting of great ideas and tutorials. She’s really so generous in sharing her knowledge and skills. Just so, so amazing! Go on and head over to her blog now, on second thought, let me finish my story first, once you get to her blog you might not come back to mine!

Normally I do not join giveaways, because drumroll please,  THERE ARE FEW INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYS. Most giveaways are for US & Canada or UK only – or in the case of the All Blacks NZ or AUS only *cries bitter tears*.  But even if there are, I don’t feel lucky and most of the Instagram giveaways require you to do so much on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter these days. Now I have nothing against those kind of giveaways what I am saying is that knowing my chances I don’t even dare try to enter. At that time I didn’t even feel lucky, I just felt like I had to de-lurk myself as a follower and comment on my current fave nib since I saw a few replies that were the same as mine.

I didn’t think much of it until one morning I woke up from another uncomfortable night sleeping on the hospital chair and I saw my Instagram notifications. This is what greeted me! Screenshot_2016-02-13-00-24-21.png

OK first of all EEP! Fangirl moment as I can’t believe my name is written there and Lindsey wrote it personally. I feel so thankful and just blown away because Singapore is a far place and the shipping must have cost as much as the Finetec Watercolor set itself. Isn’t she so, so very generous? Thank you so much Lindsey!


I had to wait a fair bit because hello~ I am in South East Asia. But when it did come ohlala~ it’s so pretty I am so scared of using it. Since I’ve been focusing more on brush lettering, my calligraphy skills leave a lot to be desired but I decided to try the pearl colours on black paper. I have to say that at first I thought that the lighter colours won’t give off much of a difference but I was so wrong. They were vibrant and very pigmented. I wish the photos could do it justice and I didn’t play with the brightness or saturation so much.


This is the back of the box which tells you what the twelve colours are. I personally like Bronze and Blue Pearl but Fine Lilac was such a surprise. I am still afraid of using it and I am gathering confidence to do a proper piece in the future.

Has anyone used Finetec Pearl Colors before? Any thoughts on what projects to do?


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