Melaka through Holga

Melaka, 2012

This was the starting point of when I decided travel was not so bad. Before this trip, I really did not make any trips to go anywhere. I just felt that traveling was not my “THING”, that it was bothersome and expensive. I was (and still am) the person who can hibernate in her room as long as there is WIFI and my art materials. I hated the inconvenience that came with traveling, everything was strange and new. I thought I couldn’t handle it.

But Melaka in part changed my mind. First of all, I liked exploring places especially those with historical significance. This was also the first outing I had with my Holga. I had the chance to experiment with my camera while exploring St. Paul’s Hill and Christ Church. I came to appreciate places with heritage.

Second, the food – although I take more food photos now than before, my love for food knows no bounds. Especially now that my palate has adjusted to the variety of flavours that Singapore offers. Let’s just say that I have an appreciation for curries and chilli-based food. I tried Melaka’sย Gula Melaka Cendol and Nonya Assam Laksa ~ the cendol was too sweet for me but the Assam Laksa was definitely a winner!

Lastly, this trip to Melaka made me realise that I can only be inconvenienced when I want to. I didn’t have to follow the guidebooks – I could choose how I traveled. There’s no wrong or right way to travel as long as you keep your mind open to the possibilities and manage your expectations. I was so thankful for laidback travel companionsย who showed me that you can still enjoy a place without exhausting your guidebook for ideas by just going to a select places and taking your time to soak everything there.


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