Innisfree 2016 My Coloring Diary

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.01.08 pm

On my first night in Seoul, a mere three and a half hours after we’ve landed I looked for the nearest Innisfree outlet. During my first trip to Seoul last year I discovered that Innisfree‘s products suited my skin quite well and I was determined to stock up on my faves when I returned.

Fast forward to a year and two weeks later I have returned to the Land of the Morning Calm and promptly sought out the nearest branch. As I was staying in Anguk, I was a stone’s throw away from Insadong street, famous for its cultural wares and art galleries but not without the ubiquitous beauty stores!

Heading inside purposefully with a shopping list (ah my good intentions!), I believed I adequately steeled myself to be single-minded in shopping. In fact I was doing well untilย something perched on the counter caught my eye. It was a colouring diary that comes in blue or old rose zipped cover and coloured pencils.

As someone who loves stationery and who is falling in love with skincare products, finding a planner in a beauty store is like striking gold! I went to the staff at the counter and asked how I can have the planner. They told me that I had to buy at least S$30 worth of products and I can get the planner for S$4. At that moment my heart rejoiced, I could easily spend S$30 at Innisfree and $4 wasn’t that much to pay for a planner. In fact it’s not just any planner, it’s a ย cute Jeju themed colouring diary. Without hesitation I filled up my basket and paid for my items along with the extra S$4 I needed to fork in for the diary.


Here’s what you’ll get (1) a pouch to house your diary and coloured pencils; (2) coloured pencils in 10 colours withย a (3)sharpener and finally (4) Three Jeju themed postcards…not a bad deal considering it’s just $S4, right?

If you want to see more, you can check out the flip through video that I made:

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.02.32 pm

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the pages:




Confession: I liked the planner so much and knew that my brother’s girlfriend would like something like it as well so I went to Innisfree again on one of the other days and bought her another one this time in old rose!


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